Friday, 19 November 2010

Boston Dock

Boston dock was designed by WH Wheeler and work started on 2 May 1882. The first sod was cut (below) by the mayoress, Mrs John Simonds on 9 June of that year.
The first cargo (cotton seed for JC Simonds and Son) arrived from Alexandria in the 1,700-ton steamer "Myrtle" on 15 December 1884.

During its building (below) two mills known as the Gallows Mills had to be demolished.

It is now in private hands but before, when the Corporation owned it, the public (picture below) were free to come and go as they pleased and many an afternoon we spent as boys looking at the ships and watching the various work going on before playing in the Old Park which was nearby.
Below. Local firm E.T.Morris at work on the dock.


  1. I think Billy that you and I must have played together ...being from Fenside/Ingram Road (No 100) and going to Carlton Rd...I spent many hours at the Docks and Old Park/Sea Baths as well as roaming the town on my bike in the 60s.....

  2. That was great fun, I know 17 year olds nowdays who have never climbed trees or ridden a bike!!!

  3. The Myrtle was piloted into Boston docks by Henry Parker who lived at Parkside in Skirbeck. He later had Myrtle villas built which were named to commemorate the first ship into Boston docks.