Thursday, 18 November 2010

Boston's Old Cinemas

Some of Boston's old Cinemas.

The New Theatre (demolished, now a Marks and Spencer store) in the Market Place

The Odeon (demolished, now a Doctor's surgery) in South Square.

The Cosy (demolished) nearly opposite the Golden Lion pub in High Street.

The Regal (demolished, now a car park) in West Street.

The Scala (centre right). The building is still there and is now the Poundstretcher store.


  1. For many years I'd heard that there used to be a cinema where Marks & Spencer now is, but this is the first time I've ever seen any pictures of it.

    Never realised there was a cinema where Poundstretchers is. Very interesting.

    I remember the Odeon when it was The Classic and then The Haven. Its last film, IIRC, was "Crocodile Dundee", which I managed to see just a few days before some idiot decided to set light to one of the seats. The cinema never re-opened after that, but it had been in decline for many years, the overall fabric of the building had been looking very rough for some time. A sad end to what what used to be such a great cinema.

  2. My Uncle was a projectionist at the Classic in the 70s! I can remember the Saturday picture shows and the oh-so-creepy left stairwell that took you to the Upper Circle. (and let's not forget the bloody awful sound system!) My favourite memories were Star Wars in '77 and Smokey and the Bandit in '78. Kia-ora in square plastic cartons, and Westlers hot dogs!!!

  3. As a kid in the 50's and 60's, we were always taken to the New Theatre at Christmas for a live pantomime!!!