Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Then and Now (new pics all the time)

Boston Then and Now.

Garage opposite the Railway Pub.

The old Standard office, Wide Bargate.

Next door to The Eagle pub in West Street.

35, High Street

Donnisons Corner, Sleaford Road

Lincoln Lane area

Corner of Bridge Street/High Street.

The Castle Pub in Fydell Street.

Old Boots Store in the Market Place near the Town Bridge.

In the Market Place near the Town Bridge

Corner of Blue Street and King Street

The Market Place directly opposite Marks and Spencers

Even the graffiti was better then. Above: graffiti in St. Botolphs Church and Below on a wall in Nelson Way.

Shop down High Street.

Witham Green (at the side of the Unicorn Inn)

West Street

Market Place.

Corner of Fydell St. and Castle St.

Maud Foster windmill.

High Street with Emery Lane on the right.

Market Place.

Bargate, looking toward the War memorial.

Market Place.

From the Town Bridge.

Site of Peacock and Royal / Boot's Chemist

The Market Place.

South Street, looking toward Shodfriars Hall.

Near Shodfriars Hall.

In the Market Place.


  1. that bring,s back a lot of memories( all nice one,s

  2. It's good to look back, Boston was such a lovely old Market town.

  3. hi billy
    more great pics thank you, i was looking at pics of west st and wondered if you know what the hotel on the corner of emery lane coner of west st was called or better still any pics , it had two life size stone lions outside that i used to sit on when i was a young boy. think it is now dunelm mill.
    regards john clayton

  4. It was the White Horse John, I remember reading an old newspaper account of it being pulled down and a lady asked the man in charge if she could buy the White Horse statue (which can just be seen between the upper bay windows of the pub in the west street picture) and she kept it in her garden down Linden Way for years as an ornament, perhaps it's still there.......I didn't know it had lions outside (I'm only sixty and can't actually remember the pub) so thanks for that information.

  5. hello billy
    can you remember jimmy wards

    1. When visiting Boston, we would go on a Saturday morning. The sarsaparilla was my favourite.

  6. Yes, I remember, next to the present Dunelm shop. Often went in for a Sasparilla (probably spelt wrong) and Jimmy was always in a good mood and joked with us young lads.

  7. Hi Billy. Jimmy Wards herbalist shop used to be on the other side of west st, I think it was all demolished to make way for what was then the new co-op and Jimmy opened his new shop, always good for a laugh and joke. often told "naughty" tales.
    John Clayton

  8. Thanks for that, a new bit of info for me, I only remember the new one, I'm just a spring chicken. ha ha.

  9. We as kids were warned off going to Jimmy Wards by mum..which meant we definitely did go.....I seem to remember Nan saying there had been some scandal with him earlier....she never said what...but he always seemed a nice old boy....these days such a whiff of rumour and he'd be lynched as a peadophile wether true or would the old mad tranny on a bike we called gertie.....

  10. Hi Bill. i remember fydell street with the corner shop in the early 70's and all so down fydell street was claytons garage i remeber it becuase it had a big pegosis on the side house wall and in argylle street corner that runs in to brothertoft road was another garage but can not remember the name. i was born in fenside road faceing the stephens shop. but your photo,s bring back memoryies i remember my dad going to blaskeys very well for piants and wallpaper and also in red lion street there was a store called sally morlens and west street grandways store which is dunhelms shop. its crying shame what council is doing to our town killing it off with demolishing. Well keep up the fantastic work love your website. oh just a lttle rembemrence flash back lol bernnets modeling shop remember that well and ashleys toy shop. ok catch you next time. bye all

  11. Yes, I remember all those things too. The Pegasus sign was bright red if I remember rightly and advertised oil I think. I think the other garage became Fossit and Thorne's. I remember Stephens shop too. The model shop down West Street (near where P.C. World is now) was great and I remember a huge tree stood outside, it was next to Scotney's Garage. Thanks for your comments.

  12. Photo of standard office brought back wonderful memories of thursday night going to get the standard straiggt off the press it was still warm.the smell of the machine and its speed were fascinating .

  13. Hi,
    Did the Harmony Music shop use to be Priestley's Fruit and Veg back in the 70s 80s, have you got any pictures,


  14. What was the bridal shop in west street called. Near the old post office