Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Boston Deep Sea Fishing

Boston Deep Sea Fishing and Ice Co. Ltd. was formed on 7 August 1885 and started in business with seven second-hand fishing smacks. Two new steam trawlers were launched for the company the following November. These vessels were initially based at Hull, but a fish quay and stores were shortly after built at Boston. By the 1890s the company was making a profit.
In 1922 the Steam Ship 'Lockwood' went aground in the River Haven and blocked the way into Boston Dock. The vessel was salvaged by the Boston Deep Sea Fishing and Ice Co., but because the company had trouble obtaining payment from Boston Corporation for this work, the owner, Fred Parkes, decided to move the business to Fleetwood and Grimsby and this marked the end of Boston as a major fishing port. This was just one of many cases of Boston Councillers making the wrong decisions for our town, which they continue to do to this day. Below is the company’s flag, loosely based on the arms of Boston.


  1. My Great Grandfather George Palmer was Superintendent of The Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Company,He was in charge of 32 men. When it moved to fleetwood he stayed on in Boston. In 1932 he was badly injured on the dock & died soon afterwards aged 73.

    1. Hi Diana,I think George was my Great grandfather too. My Granddad worked as a young man either in the ice factory or out at sea cooking for the crew of one of the fishing vessels depending on where he was needed.

    2. Hi, No George couldn't have been your Great Grandfather as he only had three children my Grandfather being one of them, his other children had one child each & they married each other & had one daughter. George's father was also George, he was an engineer.

  2. Mr Parkes donated the 126 acre Weelsby Woods to the people of Grimsby. Growing up in Grimsby in the 60's, Boston was one of the big local names in the fishing industry.

  3. My Husbands Great Great Great Grandfather Thomas Henry Marks worked as a clerk for the Boston Deep Sea Fishing Company during the 1890s up until his death at the age of 69 in 1909. He was still working there at that age.

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  5. How do I find records of my father who worked for this company out of Fleetwood in the late 1940s?