Monday, 2 April 2012

A not so well known Bostonian

Mr. John Rowland Storr (on the horse) was born in Boston in 1834, he married Martha Cocks in 1863 and the couple lived with their children in Boston where Mr. Storr was working as a tailor. In the 1881 census they were still living in Boston but sometime after this they moved to Skegness as the resort was quickly gaining popularity between 1881 and 1891. In Skegness Mr. Storr became a prominent citizen, being manager of the Steam Boat Company, co-owning the Sands Tramway and he caused a sensation in the resort when he captured the Skegness Whale in 1887. He died in 1920, aged 85, and is buried in St. Clement's Church, Skegness alongside his wife.

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