Friday, 11 May 2012

The Dock site 1882

Mr. Walter Whyers (looking bck in 1935) remembers the beginnings of Boston Dock in 1882.

Mrs. Simonds, wife of the Mayor, cuts the first turf.

" I was present at the ceremony of turning the first sod for the commencement of the building of the dock. I well remember the grand time we had, the public tea to the school-children, the sports and the fireworks, but the most vivid recollection I retain of the building of the docks is taking a walk with three or four other lads to look at the progress that was being made during the excavations. On our way back we walked through the derelict gardens that had been attached to the old windmills. The ground was littered with planks, huge stones and heaps of earth and clay, dumped there by the navvies.

The two windmills that were demolished to make way for the dock.

There were, however, still a number of redcurrant bushes that appeared to have determined to let their last crop of berries be the most plentiful that they had ever borne. Since no one seemed to own them, or take the trouble to gather them, we set to and had the most glorious feed of fully ripened fruit that I ever remember having partaken of. The currant bushes would be situated near the centre of the present dock."


  1. A Simmonds in charge then and another now.....this town has been run by too few families for too long....which is why we lose so much of our history whilst they make themselves wealthy ....