Sunday, 13 May 2012


There are a couple of stories to suggest how Liquorpond Street got its name. The first is that there was once a chain of ponds around the area and two extensive breweries, one at the Lord Nelson and one at the Royal Oak might have discharged their surplus water into one or other of these ponds.

Another more interesting one is that an old sailor went into one of the pubs in High Street and while the landlord was not looking stole a bottle of liquor. The bottle was missed almost immediately, and when the landlord went to the door of the inn he saw the man running up High Street. Together with other men he gave chase, and the man was caught in the lower part of what is now called Liquorpond Street but was then Walnut Tree Pasture. The man denied having stolen the liquor, but was handed over to the officers of the law and ultimately put on trial. The man had been thoroughly searched but no liquor was found on him and he was acquitted. About 20 years later one of the ponds was being cleaned out and the missing bottle was found. Realising that he could not outrun his pursuers the old sailor had evidently thrown the bottle of liquor into the pond.


  1. happy memories ---my parents Fish and chip shop was just off the right hand side of the photo.coyne's
    next to us was corner shop of Alec Hare. the shop as shown on left was Buff's mens barbers which had previously been a bakers. half way down on right hand side was Bland's off licence where as a lad in the 60's we used to take a bottle and buy sherry from the barrel to drink. bit of a change from a sassperella at Jimmy Wards in west street on way home from grammar school

  2. One of my grt grt uncles committed suicide at his house in Liquorpond Street - I think it is now a Pharmacy! He was called Frederick Jacobs. The Jacobs family lived on Liquorpond Street from the late 1800s.

    1. My family lived on this street in 1800's. The y had the surname Brant. They were painters and decorators I think.

  3. My grandparents lived at number 49 liqourpond St and I also went to the school on George St / fydell crescent

  4. They lived next door to blands off licence .

  5. my granddad lived at 65 liqourpond st and my great nan and granddad lived at 66 liqourpond st jenny and George taylor,and my dad shaun taylor his brothers kieron and cavan taylor.

  6. My family lived at number 10 name of Hancock