Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Boston's Bells.

Some of the old Stump bellringers.
Mr. James Martin Rylatt of  'Pierrepont House', Sydney Street, was a bellringer at the Stump. He was educated at the St. James' School and upon leaving there was apprenticed to a Joiner in Wormgate. Leaving here he was next employed by the Great Northern Railway Co., and after 49 years of service with them he retired in June 1921. He died in September 1929 aged 78, but up to the time of his death he was in very good health, evidenced by the fact that he had been a ringer at the Boston Parish Church for over 60 years, and even at such an advanced age he ascended the tower twice each Sunday. Altogether, it is estimated that he must have ascended to the belfry tower well over 6,000 times.
In July 1932 the bells of the Stump were sent to Taylors of Loughborough to be recast.
The bells being lowered down.
The bells at Boston Station.
At the foundery.
Close up of one of the bells, notice that the people of Boston Massachusetts helped with the cost.

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