Sunday, 24 March 2013

March Oddments.

Eight-day longcase clock with rolling moon c.1800 by Thomas Dickinson of Boston, in oak.

An advert for Willer and Riley's peas.
Roller and Harrow made by C & C Wright of Boston.
Strait Bargate.
The London warehouse stood near the Sam Newsom Music centre.
The Sluice Bridge signal box.


  1. great photo of bargate there,what day of the week could that photo have been taken, how peaceful an nice that looks, the clock saysfive to three those days i bet it worked,don't you? i see the traffic lights are directed to new street,how long ago was it that traffic could come up and down there? you simply forget what a quite place BOSTON once was.Heyho. thanks Billy

    1. Probably a Thursday which used to be half closing day, one thing for sure, we'll never see it so good again. ha ha.