Monday, 11 March 2013

Two clocks.

The Haven Bridge clock.

The Haven Bridge clock was fitted by Managing Director Mr. J.V. Aaron in 1975, on the then premises of Boston Divers Ltd.

Originally buying and planning to put up the old Willer and Riley clock he found out it would take up too much space so in the end settled for the electric one pictured above. Mr. Aaron, said at the time that four clocks had been taken down or stopped working in recent years and as his office was in a busy area he thought a clock would be useful to motorists going over the bridge.

Willer and Riley's clock.

At the West Street end of Queen Street, where Aldi's supermarket now stands, stood the old Willer and Riley factory and in the apex of the gable facing toward the street was a circular opening that graced a clock. The clock was removed by Boston Corporation in about 1974 and placed into their Broadfield Street depot for storage and was purchased by Mr. Aaron as stated above. Since he could not use the clock it was sold to Bert Fleet (then Chairman of Directors at Fogarty's) whose stated intention was to erect a small tower within the entrance of Fogarty's Havenside works and install the clock therein. Unfortunately Mr. Fleet died before this was accomplished and Mr. Aaron had no idea what happened to the clock.    Does anyone know where it went?..............


  1. There used to be a scooter and motorcycle spares place in the Boston Divers building. I well remember going there for bits for my Lambretta in the 1960s.

    1. I think it was part of Boston Motors Ford dealers they were on the opposite side of High Street, I used to take my Vespa there when it went wrong which was very often!!!.

  2. I remember my father (Jack Aaron) setting the time on this clock. He had to stand on the opposite side of the bridge and use a walkie talkie to direct the person inside the building to move the hands backwards or forwards. He was always very meticulous and it had to show the correct time.

  3. Thanks for that Val, it certainly was in a good position. I think it's stopped now, I'll have to check next time I'm in town.