Friday, 5 April 2013

The Bath Gardens.

The Bath Gardens, also known as The Peoples Park was originally seven acres in extent, the site was converted into a park (infinitely superior to the present day Central Park) in 1871. This was done under the direction of the then Borough Surveyor Mr. W. Wheeler, the man later responsible for the design of Boston Dock.

Apart from the well laid out and planted gardens, the leafy dells and shady walks, the park at that time made provision for cricket, skittles, quoits, bowls, croquet and football, as well as children's amusements.

The General Hospital also designed by Wheeler, was built near the Park entrance in 1874 and the nearby former Corporation Swimming Baths five years after that.

The old swimming baths building is still here (2013) but the Park and the General Hospital are no more.


  1. Oh happy days playing cowboys and indians, tarzan on rope swings hanging from the trees.

    1. I remember it well good old days.

  2. Not so happy days - Grammar School swimming lessons - the water was very cold. I never did learn to swim either.

  3. Yes swinging over the creyasoke dykes and watching the grammar kids freeze ha.

  4. Had many happy days at the pool although it was freezing but would have been great today.