Sunday, 30 June 2013

End of June round up.

A plate belonging to Loveley's who once had dining rooms in Boston Market Place.
An old garden roller made by Gratton and Sons of Boston.
Top: The Odeon cinema being demolished and below it the East Midlands Electricity buildings which is now The Fitness First Gym.
The caption reads, The Park Lake, Boston. I can only guess that this is in the Old Bath Gardens near the Old Corporation Swimming Baths.
Sanders Ignition Coil Works. Does anyone know where this was?
UPDATE: Thank you to Robin for the information in the comment at the end of this article.
Strait Bargate.
Thomas Kitwood and Sons Whiskey flask


  1. Hi Billy, you asked for any info regarding the whereabouts of Sanders Ignition Coil Works. This firm was operating in Queen Street and as far as I can find out it was situated on that small bit of land with the bill boards at the rear of the Eagle Pub.
    The following is taken from a local publication dated 1910.


    Messers Sanders and Salisbury have been established in Boston for about 6 and a half years, and have built up a very successful business in this comparatively short period. Neither partner came inexperienced to his work, Mr R.W.Sanders having had a long West End training and Mr Salisbury who joined as a partner in 1909 having been in the same line for some years at Manchester and Newcastle. Both are practical experts. Their ignition coils have many special features. A very fierce spark is secured by the use of the best silk covered wire windings.The trembler and windings are arranged to secure a perfect firing at any speed. Pure Platinum only is used; sparking at contacts is reduced to a minimum, and the current consumption is extremely low. The firm is introducing other successful specialities including "A Patent of their own-a dynamo for generating current for the lighting of motor cars, which is carried on the car". It works automatically and give a constant voltage between a wide range of speeds. When the speed falls below a definite value the generator is automatically cut out, and the accumulator takes up the load.

    The interesting thing is that this Boston firm had in fact patented and manufactured the on car dynamo, so more things than spuds have come out of good old Boston.

    1. Thanks for the information Robin and for taking the time to write it down for all us who are interested. Thanks.