Saturday, 13 November 2010


Some of the places in Boston destroyed  to become..................Car parks!!!
The rear of the West End Cinema, nearly opposite the Golden Lion pub.

The Bull Ring in Wide Bargate.

Staniland School, on the corner of George Street/Fydell Crescent.

The Regal Cinema in West Street.

Park Board School on the corner of Tunnard Street/Norfolk Street.


  1. name:anthony

    hi i remember some of these places as i was born in 1966 and yes its a crying shame of what councilers are doing to this historic town. West street is being ripped apart plus queen street i dont recognise any more it is awful as i look at google maps there more car parks than anything now. i think there should be protest to stop this sort of murdering our town but as i know now from some people i know that they tell me that true bostoenians dont care any more as there are flooded with polish and lythuanians. im glad i moved in some way but when i visit and see what they have done its a crying shame. when all comes down to is the borough councils fat wallets. im sorry i sound gloom but thats how i feel. but i preciate you posting memories and this website and just want say thank you.

    just one request does any one or yourself have any pictures of the old general hospital because when i was born with asthma and i was told i was there for 3 to 4 years. thanks

  2. I agree with everything you say Anthony. I have some pics of the General, I'll look them out. Thanks for comments.