Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dig in the Market Place

In October 1965 Boston Corporation workmen excavated a sewer trench at the south end of Boston Market Place in a line across from the Peacock and Royal Hotel towards the centre of the Exchange Buildings opposite.

A sample of material was collected from the excavation. The bulk of this came from a black silty layer at a depth of 3-4 feet from the modern road surface, and consisted chiefly of cow horn, leather insoles, green glazed pottery, metal fragments and nine bone or wood awls, presumably for leather working. The more complete pieces of leather sole were dated almost certainly to the fifteenth century. It seems possible that the material was deposited from cobblers' shops or stalls at the side of the Market Place.
Medieval and later pottery was recovered from the site of the former Peacock and Royal Hotel.

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