Monday, 20 December 2010

Mill Hill

There used to be a cluster of buildings down Wide Bargate known as Mill Hill.

They were situated roughly opposite the Red Cow on what is now a Car Park.

Above : "Robin" informs me that the white curved part of the building was up to 1908 a Pub known as the North Pole.
Mill Hill in Bargate, and the waste land beyond it, are mentioned in Corporation records in 1676.

I am told by Mr. John Clayton that the building on the right above, with the name sign over the window was a fish and chip shop.

The map below shows the site of Mill Hill. The Red Cow is on the left and the old Three Crowns is next to the present day Holland House Dentists.

Below : The site as it is today, the New England Hotel is far right of the picture.


  1. the buiding on the right of photo 3 with sign above window used to be a fish and chip shop, used to go there after cubs.
    john clayton

  2. I have updated the blog to include that information John, thank you.

  3. The white curved part of the building (second photo of Mill Hill) was up to 1908 a Pub known as the North Pole.

  4. Thanks for that Robin, I shall put that on the blog.