Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Railways

The Railways arrived in Boston in 1848.

By the early 1900’s they were the biggest employers in the town.

In its heyday the station alone employed over 50 staff

Today, only the line to Skegness and the line towards Sleaford remain in use. There was previously a southbound line to Spalding that joined the line to Peterborough its route is now the main A16 road.

Left : An Engine near the Black Bridge, a footbridge at the bottom of Duke Street that led to Locomotive Street.


  1. i can remember going over that footbridge to visit our sheila it was a brilliant place to play a lot of good people lived down locamotive street
    david nuttell

  2. I remember getting the Grimsby to London Fish train the day I left Boston for the RAF....when we were kids and went on hols to Skeg we always travelled in the Guards Van cos mum was in a wheelchair...always baskets of racing pigeons, fish boxes and once a coffin.... aged about 9 I ran away from home down denside and stayed the night under the girders of the Sluice railway came looking so I went home to be told they knew where I was and left me there as a worked...