Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sluice Bridge warehouse

This warehouse was built in the late 18th. Century next to the Grand Sluice. It was broken up into four units and river craft stopped here and unloaded their goods instead of going through the lock.

For a number of years it was used by Beeson’s the glaziers (whose sign still remains there) and has now been converted into living accommodation with a bar/cafĂ© at one end named The Jolly Sailor.
The warehouses in 2011.


  1. There is an equally old building the other side of the Sluice Bridge and river at the end of Haven Bank. This was built for goods coming in up the Haven and later used by the early Railway Company I's been semi derelict and used for storgae (access via Irby Street just under the low railway btidge) for some years. It should be restored (and the awful 60s house next door demolished !!) as part of Bostons Industrial Heritage...fat chance tho' with so much else of Bostons history that's not 'the Stump' or Fydell House related !!!

  2. I know the one you mean and I agree with you. We do seem to concentrate on the Stump, Fydell House, Guildhall etc. etc. and forget that all these lesser buildings have their history too, that is what I try to put across on my blog and believe that Joe Bloggs who was a labourer and the house he lived in are just as important, if not more so, to Boston as the Mayors, magistrates, bankers etc. and their fine houses.

  3. You are not alone in that sentiment Billy....the problem is getting the Stumpers, Fydellers, Guildhall wallahs to see Boston that way and spread a little of the available funding, publicity, decision making and power they hold sideways......tho' I doubt those (few) 'worthies' will listen to the ordinary person...

  4. I remember an egg packers being there Bill, we used to buy a tray of cracked eggs from there ( they was cheaper) i think it was called Parry's


  5. You're not a real Bostonian if you didn't go to all the cheap places Shirley!! ha ha.