Tuesday, 19 April 2011

M & S Corner

In the far corner of the Market Place, next to Petticoat Lane is Marks and Spencer’s modern shop which takes up three sites (see inside blue square of picture below) of Boston’s past.

The Corn Exchange Hotel was on the first site, a nice old building with Mr. Fountain’s tobacconist shop incorporated into it.

Next door, and occupying site two was Hildred’s piano shop who boasted that they had the “best selection in the Eastern Counties”

The Green Dragon public house (no known pictures and dating from at least 1590) occupied the third site and this was demolished in the 1850’s. On its site was built the Athenaeum Rooms, pictured below.

 The first floor contained a reading-room, library, etc. and the second floor a lecture room, apparatus, and instruments. The Athenaeum building occupied an area of sixty feet by thirty-six feet, with a height of fifty-three feet. Twenty-six feet of the ground-floor was occupied as a shop, and the remaining ten feet formed an entrance which can still be seen today. Later on in time this building became the New Theatre.

Above: The New Theatre.
Below: Mark's and Spencers today, covering the three sites.


  1. you ok billy ? does any one remember the st johns ambulance hq . through the arch (above ) to the side of the new theatre ? bob

  2. I sure do bob, used to be in the SJA cadets in the late 40s early 50s went there most monday evenings with John and Kenny scoot of argyle st. It was run by Jack Issitt also of argyle street. Jeff Rawlings (Carlton Rd) Albert Skinner (Fenside) Kirk bros (Fydell St) and another Smith also of Fydell st were just a few of the others from this area that attended. Rob.

  3. Thanks rob maybe you remember my uncle Len Meadows ? BOB

  4. Yes Bob I can remember Len Medows he was a Sgt in the mens division I think he worked in the woodyard office in South End. Rob.

  5. One of Herbert Ingrams early achievements was the setting up of the first Public Library in 1830 at the Ateneaum when he was aged 19.