Friday, 6 May 2011

The past looking down on us

I took all the following pictures within the last couple of months which proves that the past is all around us if we look around.

This drainpipe is on the house next to Rob and Jan's shop in High Street, we have guttering older than the U.S.A. !!!

Cheer's and Son's, the tailors, traded for years in West Street (in the premises now trading as West Street Furnishings) and their painted sign can still be seen on the brickwork.

Johnson's Seeds, established in 1820, once had a shop where the Waterfront pub is now.

Above and Below: These date plaques are from the old General Hospital and have been put into the houses that were built on its site.

Below: And a bit further on are the old Corporation Baths.


  1. Good stuff Billy, Good memories,


  2. Great research Billy..theres lots more out there and it needs recording before the new Tory led council starts to put into effect many of the 'redevelopment' plans they have stashed away...I don't care which party rules but i DO care if what history is left is swept away for 'progress' and big business we really want to live in a sanitized boston that reeks of modernist boxes and 'piazzas' that get overgrown and tardy...the first campaign should be to document and save the remaining medeival lanes..secondly to establish a true Boston Museum & Archive IN the town (not all at Lincoln)..thirdly to identify all buildings built before 1900 and stop them being altered externally or pulled down......we NEED a major effort to get more archeology done around town...incl Market Place and Lincoln Lane....DIGGER

  3. Well said, but they never listen do they? The majority of people in Boston today are either foreign or from other parts of the U.K. They are just not interested in Boston's history.

  4. Well then it's about time us Bostonians got together and put our collective feet down, I, for one, am sick off these people taking our once beautiful town over.

  5. There are quite a few East European residents of the town who like it's history AND recognise Boston's links with the Hanseatic League in medieval times....Boston's heyday as the second port in the land after please don't knock the 'foreigners'....except those from yorkshire....DIGGER