Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Carlton Road pupils.

Thanks again to Robin Smith for this photo and info who tells us :

"This photo of pupils at Carlton Road School was taken in 1949 or 1950. Front row L/R Robin Smith. Alan Pout. Eddie MacCabe. Steve Shaw. Gregory Sharp. Graham Boyce. Colin Broughton. Ken or Ray? Matson. Peter Worrill and Kenny Scoot. Second row. Walter Hay (standing) Sandra Pancott. Jill Brown. Ann Cannon. Irene Fendyke. ------?. Teacher Mr Dutton. Head Master H.G.Woods. -------?. Pam? Chester. Marion Swift. Nancy Dunmore. -------?. Third row. Lena Hewitt. -------?. Ann Baxter. Pam Maltby. June Hornigold. Linda Medlock. Judy Newton. Linda Marsh. Jenny Raven. ------?. Alan Atkinson. Back Row. Sally Chapman. Ann Gill. Irene Dawson. Ann Brown. Margaret Mitchell. Margaret Driver. Jane Anderson. Margaret Ibbitson. ? Ward. ------?. Dave Charlton.  Anyone out there remember H.G. Woods he was much more than a bit cane happy and gave it to the girls just as hard as he did to the boys, always without mercy".

Thanks again to Robin. By the time I started Carlton Road School in 1955 the headmaster Mr. Woods had gone and Mr. Stephenson had taken his place. He was just as cane happy I can assure you!!
I remember he had a little Welsh woman as his wife. My first teacher was Miss Watling and I also remember Miss Patterson and Mrs. Pape who was very frightening to a small 5 year old.


  1. Some real good memories this picture brought back to me I was attending carlton road at the time and knew all the names that were named greg sharp middle front was then my best friend and have been trying to contact him for ages with no success thanks for a great picture Robin.
    Regards to all from Derek Green

  2. Miss Watling was my first teacher in 1944 and remember on my first day at the infant school the class sitting around her in the school hall while she played the piano, she was also my sons first teacher when he started there,so she must have had a long career at Carlton Road, I think that she live in the same little house in Castle Street all her life. Miss Pape was also at the primary school in my time and as you say Billy she was a bit frightening to a small kid,if my memory serves me right she always wore a black berret.

  3. Remember Mrs Daubney..... I recognise a lot of these family names from the area in the 50s....are the Hornigolds still around..? the last I heard was Shane Hornigold was running a pub just outside the gate to Lancaster Castle in the 70s...

  4. I was ther in the 60's and remember well Mr Stephenson and his lovely lttle wife who taught me in class 2A in the juniors,remember Mrs Daubney, Miss Smith also in the juniors. My first teacher was Mrs Allah ? who used to keep a slipper in one of her cupboards although I don't think she ever used it. She used to make me stand in the corner whatfor I can't remember. Oh happy days.

    1. I was at carlton road in the 60s and Miss Hallah (?) was my first teacher in 1964 and the worst teacher I ever had. She also made me stand in the corner and seemed to hate children. I describe her today to my own children who mostly have nice teachers. The second or thirds teacher was Miss Burden who was kind enough. I can still see Eggy James working himself up to say something and he eventually blurted out 'Miss Bare-bum' which left the whole class laughing, but not Miss Burden. There were some kind teachers, Miss Smith above all, at a school which was quite tough even for Boston.