Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Guildhall gate.

The wrought iron gate standing at the side of the guildhall was made in about 1908 by Mr. Edward White who was then the proprietor of what was later to become "White's Motors" at Bargate End. Mr White was a blacksmith by trade and in between shoeing horses he made this fine gate with the assistance of his worker, Joe Coppen. Mr. White also made bicycles in the early days and these were sold under the name of "White's Imperial". Later on Mr. White began to deal in motor cars and he had, we are told, the first car in the town licensed as a Hackney Carriage, it was DO 33 and was driven by Tommy Shelton.


  1. Any chance of finding a copy of that 1943 film of Boston that was on Look North tonight (17.5.12)? It looked fascinating.

  2. Go to youtube, put in Country town and it should come up.