Friday, 4 May 2012

Some Mkt. Place lanes.

Cornhill Lane when it was named Cockbourne Lane.

This street name is comparatively modern, it was formerly called Cockbourne Lane and once was the site of the Post Office.

Jessop's of Dolphin Lane in 1936.

Dolphin Lane has been a busy thoroughfare since Boston's early history. The ancient name of the street is lost but the present name was, in all probability, taken from an inn called The Dolphin that stood near the east end of the narrowest part of the lane. In the 1880's this inn had an unenviable reputation and, some years later, the licence was revoked and the premises used by Mr. Charles Small as a mission room. The old buildings were ultimately destroyed by fire along with the furniture stores previously occupied by Mr. W. Scrimshaw.

Scrimshaw's of Dolphin Lane.

Some believe that the name of Petticoat Lane (like that of Threadneedle Street) was copied from the street of that name in London, others have another explanation. In a map of 1742 Petticoat Lane is called Smock Alley and what is now called Mitre Lane (in Strait Bargate) was then called Petticoat Lane. When these names were given it is just possible that these lanes, leading as they did, from the central area to walks through fields and pastures, may have been a favourite meeting place for the wearers of smocks and petticoats.

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