Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The London Warehouse

In July 1950 work began on the demolition of the old Packhouse - or Packhorse quay warehouse in South End which had for some time had a pronounced lean towards the river due to a crack in the foundations.

The London Warehouse.

The job was not easy because of the situation of the building with the road on one side and the river on the other, all the walls had to be pulled inwards. Similarly all the slates had to be passed inside and carried down the stairs.
Built in 1818, the building was known as the London Warehouse and had many uses over the years.
Mr. Alfred Read started his family shipbroking business there in 1865, for some time part of the building was used as a bond warehouse for Ridlington and Co., poultry auctions were held there at one time by Ben Killingworth, the pilot office was situated in the warehouse and Boston Sea Scouts once had their headquarters there. Below are two pictures, one viewed from where the present day (2012) seating area of the Waterfront pub is and a view from the Town Bridge showing the warehouse partly demolished.


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