Sunday, 15 April 2012

When the Germans conquered England

What's this? A German sentry at the top of Wormgate, which has a strange foreign name plaque?

German soldiers marching past the Blenkin Memorial Hall toward the Market Place?

No, these are stills from the film "One of our aircraft is missing" which was filmed during the second world war in Boston. They needed a Dutch town and of course couldn't go to Holland to get the real thing because the Germans occupied Holland at the time so, with Boston having some Dutch styled architecture, the Dutch scenes were filmed in Boston. Scenes of the Stump and of the swing bridge were also included in the film
Googie Withers played the lead feminine role

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  1. My mother and my aunt were watching the filming at the swing bridge At the time my mother was expecting me , nearly made into films . The bridge operator lived in a cottage near the dock railway line , which is now somerfields . After the war the bridge man was an ex aircrew fellow called Bristow .i have a picture of the crew posed near their aircraft .