Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Masonic Hall.

This unusual building, erected on part of  "Inlay's Garden" in Main Ridge, is a reproduction of the Temple of Dandour (The Divine Abode), one of the smallest Nubian temples.

The Greek motto over the door of the lodge is translated "Know Thyself," and the inscription in Egyptian hieroglyphics on the cornice reads "In the 23rd year of the reign of Her Majesty the Royal Daughter Victoria, Lady Most Gracious, this building was erected."

The main pillars each feature further inscriptions. On the left is, "Zetland was ruler of the Mysteries," and on the right, "St. Albans was ruler of the District when this building was dedicated to the God of Truth, who lives forever; in the year 1863, 5th month, 28th day."
Something went sadly wrong with the band on the day the hall was opened. A hymn had been specially written for the occasion by Boston's Coroner, Dr Walter Clegg. The Stamford Mercury reported: "It was intended to have been sung to the well known tune, Martin Luther's Hymn, but it was impossible to say what tune was adopted as the brass instruments indulged in a series of the most dismal discords, apparently having not the slightest reference to a single bar of music."
A more tuneful ensemble seems to have been engaged for that evenings masonic ball, for the 150 guests kept dancing "with great spirit until 5 o'clock in the morning."


  1. Always loved this building, hoping for an invite one day.

  2. I will kill you all, this building and everyone in it are corrupt

  3. No you wont, bro. You are being monitored