Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Gliderdrome

Here are just a few of the famous faces that were photographed at "The Glider" in the sixties and seventies.
The dance-hall, at the bottom of Shodfriars Lane, is now a bingo hall.

P.J. Proby.

T. Rex.

The Animals.

Otis Redding.


Johnny Burnette.


  1. oh happy days, how lucky we were to have such a great venue. many thanks for great photos, brings back many many memories. i was born in boston in 1942 and left in 1973, still miss it.
    many thanks. john

  2. Glad you enjoyed it John and thanks for the comments. The old quaint Boston can still be found in places but it is disappearing so this is my very small way of keeping it alive. Thanks.

  3. O memories memories Billy....1972..t.rex and i was there and i was only 12 at the time!!!!......

  4. I remember t rex and yes what else did i see their previously lots of motown bands but i cant remember any names

  5. For anyone interested in the history of the Gliderdrome try to get hold of a copy of 'Goin' to the Dance' by David Peatling. It has a complete listing of all the acts that appeared at the Gliderdrome from July 1939 to April 1973.