Thursday, 18 November 2010

Kiosk on the old Town Bridge

This kiosk used to stand on the old Town Bridge on the opposite side to the Assembly Rooms. It was demolished when the old bridge was pulled down and the new one built in 1913. Judging by the wording on the door it apparently sold cigarettes and cigars.


  1. I always understood it was originally for collecting Bridge Tolls as the Town Boundary with Skirbeck is there.......the Boundary stones set in the pavement still exist in places (outside Brittania, one in churchyard and brass plate in Wide Bargate near Cammacks) and there still is a 'requirement' for funerals to stop at the Boundary to await the Mayors permission for the body to be taken out of Town and into Skirbeck Parish...the last time I saw this was a couple years ago..incl Piper...outside Dawsons Butchers...

  2. Yes, there was a toll on the bridge at one time.