Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Wormgate, a winter's day sometime in the 1960's, with the Wormgate pub (now Goodbarns Yard) on the left.


  1. I well remember trudging along Wormgate with my newspaper bag in this weather. I started at Cox & Whalleys in 1963...I kept in touch with old Mrs Cox for many years and often visited her little cottage in Castle Street...she had a very large old Jacobean Dresser in her little back hall where she kept the paperboys wages....she always said it was mine when she died but her family moved her out some years before she died and I never saw the Dresser again...

  2. Thanks for the memory, I remember 1963 as being a very bad winter, I was only 13 at the time and was at Kitwood boy's school. Me and my mate Jimmy Gostelow played truant and biked to Woodhall Spa and back in a snow blizzard and by the end of the day we wished we had gone to school!!