Saturday, 18 December 2010

Some Boston Factories

A few of Boston's long gone factories.

Beaulahs, Bargate End.

Beaulahs, Tawney Street.

Hursts, South Square.

John Fishers label factory, Sleaford Road.

Johnson's, South Square.
Ladies sorting peas at Beaulahs.

Lin-Can, London Road.

Newham's feather factory, Witham Town.

Ladies working at Whittle and Copes cigar factory, Norfolk Street.

Willer and Riley, London Road.

Willer and Riley.


  1. i lived in the house next to willer and riley from 1947 to 1952 . best pic i have seen of the terrace . bob smith

  2. Thanks Bob, I think it was called Hamlet Terrace wasn't it? I do remember all the buildings on the photo but I wasn't born until 1950 so you should know better than me.

  3. great stuff billy john clayton and i keep in touch by email and talk about bostons past very often. yes it was hamlet terrace .we were never short of plumbs and peaches........

  4. Ha Ha, know what you mean Bob, with us it was sprats off the Quayside and veg from the fields.