Sunday, 2 January 2011

Vauxhall Gardens

Vauxhall Gardens in Boston were designed and planted by auctioneer and innkeeper Mr. Charles Cave in 1813, and were first opened in 1815. They contained about two acres of ground laid out in walks, in the centre of which stood an elegant saloon, 62 feet long, on the sides of which were painted a view of Paris and an imaginary hunting scene. A maze, on the plan of the one in Hampton court, was opened in 1825 and later a Theatre of Arts with a magic lantern show. In about 1840 a marine grotto was built. In 1843 admission cost 6d a day and season tickets admitting a lady and gentleman and two children cost 8s. On Summer days this place of recreation was crowded with visitors. A baby show was held there in the summer of 1855 “after the style of those held at New York, by that king of show men, Barnham”. Events laid on to attract customers included an annual evening gala with fireworks and dancing, the annual show of the Boston Floral and Horticultural Society, a Rural Day Fete and an annual Grand Fancy Dress Ball. but the town became less prosperous and Vauxhall Gardens closed in 1857. Below is an 1835 map (click to enlarge) that I think shows where the gardens were situated.

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