Saturday, 7 April 2012

Broughtons shop

Thanks to Michael Broughton, an ex Bostonian who now lives in Cardiff for the picture and e-mailed information below.

Broughton’s shop ran in his family for 4 generations, the last being William Harvey Broughton, Michael's Father, who sold the shop and retired early due to a heart attack, in 1969. The family moved to Cardiff where, soon after, his Father suffered another heart attack and passed away. The shop stood where the KFC food outlet is now at number 42 Market place. It had the Maypole on the left as you look at the photo, and the Home & Colonial grocery store on the right, the first floor of the shop and the same floor of the Home & Colonial was knocked through and rented out as a café, he couldn't be too sure of the café name but thought it may have been Coney’s Café. He also added that the newsagent business (unusually) never sold any Tobacco products. Thanks again for sharing this information Michael.


  1. Anyone who was about at the time must remember Broughtons . great shop . what about Freddy Jacksons , dolphin lane . the smell of fruit and the second hand comics . Does anyone have pictures of Hoppalong Cassidy in Boston in the 50s ?

    1. I would like to see pics of Hoppalong cassidy in Boston too as my Mum said she was chosen as a schoolkid to go and shake hands with him (her claim to fame). I'm sure we have a photo of Freddie Jackson. Was he a very short man? I think he was best friends with my granddad Sidney Showler in the 1030's. Would that be the same man? Anyone got info let me know