Monday, 9 April 2012

Day's Cash Stores

Thank you to Kim Loos, who lives in Minnesota in the U.S., who e-mailed me to say that Day's Cash Stores (which was situated in West Street, and later the site of the Wimpy Bar) was founded by his Great Grandfather Charles W. Day. He says the original building was destroyed in a fire in 1910 and replaced within the year by the building that housed the Wimpy Bar and that Days went out of business when his Grand Uncles retired. Charles Day was also mayor of the borough in 1924/25. He and his wife donated the gates to Central Park and the electrified Five Lamps that stood in the Market Place and can now to be seen in Liquorpond Street. He also attached a 1925 photo of Charles and Ellen (nee Ward) Day.

Above: Day's Cash Stores. Below: The same site in 2012. Notice the left hand side pillar from the old shop didn't get destroyed in the demolition and is still to be seen today.

Charles and Ellen Day.

The lamps in the Market Place that Charles Day donated, they are now situated in Liquorpond Street.



  1. Another grand building that once'd graced our town, no one can take away the memories billy.

  2. Actually, I'm a he! My mum has fond memories of shopping here with her mother and watching payments shoot across the ceiling on wires to the cashier!


  3. Trying in vain to see any worth of the architecture of the wimpies box in comparison to what must have been an incredible department store. It's like your mercedes being set on fire and replaced with a ford ka. What was the street to the right of days where I guess the bus station must be now?

  4. Too right Shirley. SINCERE APOLOGIES TO KIM for assuming he was a female, I have updated the blog SIR (ha ha) it's ironic because I have a brother called Kim but it's mostly a girls name in England, sorry again.
    It's Rosegarth Street Malcolm.