Saturday, 11 August 2012

Old Fireplace.

In April 1959 the removal of an old partition and fireplace during structural alterations at Addy's the Wide Bargate photgraphers provided a surprise. For behind that fireplace they discovered another, an attractive brick built affair, believed to date back to the mid 1600.'s. It was cleaned and re-pointed and formed a focal point in the firms new showroom. The brickwork was cleaned up with spirits of salts and wire brushes and as the hearth had crumbled away a new one was made with bricks taken from an old boundary wall at the back, which was of a similar age. This wasn't the only discovery for the removal of several coats of paint revealed that some panelling in the room was of beautifully grained oak probably dating back to the same period. That panelling too was restored to its original beauty, while the oak from a further portion, on a wall that was taken down, was used to construct new show counters.

Above and below: Two views of Addy's photographic shop in Wide Bargate.


  1. That's when Our Town was a thriving market town, not anymore tho, Keep showing us the Old pic's Billy, MEMORIES is all us Boston folk have got left now.

  2. Have you got a photo of Morley Sports from the 70's when it always had a great display of Subbuteo in the window? I collect the team now, if anyone has any get in touch!