Monday, 19 November 2012


A few spare oddments.

This photograph is believed to have been taken in about August 1926, possibly at the opening of the playing field, which was situated next to the Black Sluice Bridge on London Road, Boston. Children from St. Thomas’ School and the surrounding area enjoyed the play area for many years until it was closed.
In the front row - Phyllis Charlton, Frank and Eva Chapman, Cyril Handley, Ron Diggins, Charles Atkinson, Terry Corrigan, Eric Stray, Ralph Broadley, Ruby Parker, Peggy Kemp, Ray Popple, (?) Clayton, (?) Barwick, Doris Bagley, Doreen Wain (baby in pram) and Elsie Patchett.
Others on the photograph are Gertie Bourne, Ethel Hunt, Barbara and Doug Baxter, Maurice East, Ralph Buff, Dick Hammond (on rings) and Jack Fletcher.

The demolition of the cattle pens in Wide Bargate about 1974.
Undated photo of marching dockers taken outside what looks like the Co-op Stores in West Street.
An unknown bus driver and conductress taken outside the Post Office in Wide Bargate.
An advert for Hubbert's Hairdressing Saloon.
An undated photo of an old T.V. detector van down Tower Street.
 The Stump and the river.


  1. what a fantastic picture of those kids,you can just imagine them going home and saying we had our picture taken today. i can only hope one of them might still be alive possibly the baby in the pram.thanks billy

  2. Hi Billy, the TV detector man in Tower Street was Ken Rushton who lived in Granville Street. Sometime in the late 60s Ken turned up at my house in Argyle Street with his portable detector and said that he had traced some very bad interference in the area to my tele, the problem was that my tele was not on at the time so he followed the signal down to the end of my garden and over the fence into Granville Street, then crossing over traced it to his own house where it turned out that it was his own tele causeing of the problems.

  3. Greatly interested in the picture of St Thomas's playing field and wander do you have any more info on it Billy ? I knew a lot of the people mentioned , they were mostly local and known to my father ( William Smith , known as Ted ) Ron was our choirmaster at St Thomas's church . I suspect my father is probably in the picture . Doreen who was in the pram must have been the Daughter of Charlie Wain . The warehouse in the background is now a kitchen store and in the 50s and 60s was an animal food store run by Percy Kitchen , who lived in the adjacent house .Any more info would be greatly appreciated .

    1. Hello Bob, the photo of St. Thomas' playing field was given to me by my great-aunt Freda Sattelle, Doreen Wain's sister. Freda and Doreen, Charlie Wain's daughters, grew up on Wyberton West Road and went to St. Thomas' School and the church. I'll see if I can find out some more information about the photo.

      If you'd like the full-size version of the photo it's on my Flickr page:

      ... and here's the back of the original photo with hand-written notes:

    2. Thanks for that Alex i looked up the flickr page but have been unable to send a comment . I remember Freda as well as Doreen . Freda was married to Alf i believe ? My family lived at 56 and were great friends of Charlie and family . Many of the others in the picture were elderly when i was young but i remember them . Will try to send comment again Bob

    3. That's right, Freda is married to Alf. I'll try to get some more information about the photo. It's possible it was taken for the Standard or another paper. Which people do you remember from the photo?

      That's one of the drawbacks about Flickr unfortunately, you have to have to have a Flickr account (and a Yahoo email address) to leave a comment.

    4. Thanks Alex I will look into who's who and be in touch . I have lived abroad for quite a few years so no chance of seeing anyone in person to ask about the picture . Will have to email any more info .