Tuesday, 20 August 2013

When Tawney Street was new.

In The Boston Guardian 1906, Mr A.R. Parker looked back at the changes in Boston during 
the years from 1850 to 1906.

New streets have been opened in recent years in the heart of the borough. For
instance, the once beautiful private park (known in former times as Hopkins Park) has been sliced up, and speculators and builders have certainly been in unison with regard to appearance to make this a very pleasant thoroughfare leading from Red Lion Street into Robin Hoods Walk. In the centre of Bargate another opening has been made, called Tawney Street, adjoining the very old time establishment of Woollard's Carriage Work.

Woollard's Carriage Works is in the centre of the picture with an unknown old building next 
door, and below is the scene today.

This also has a through way into Robin Hoods walk, but as only one side is at present being rapidly filled in with delightful villa residences, the aspect to the front of these villas ispicturesque, with its splendid row of giant trees formed up in line and reaching the whole length of the newly formed street.

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