Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Wimpy Bar

America comes to Boston!! Here is Boston's Wimpy Bar in the 1960's. Who would have thought that a little beginning like this would end with "Whatever", "Talk to the hand", "High fives" and English boys all wearing baseball caps!!!


  1. i remember both of these me base guitar terry coop lead guitar ken gardener rytham & vocalls chriss marshall on drums we did are very first gig as a band at the pineapple club i was shitting myself

  2. Didn't know you was in a band Vonny, I guess this is Ernie on Vonnies computer. ha ha. I do it all the time Ernie.

  3. hi Billy
    the Ernie mentioned would it be Ernie Robinson,if so we had a skiffle/rock group back in the 60s,not very good apart from Ernie who was a very good guitarist.
    regards. John Clayton.

  4. I think it's Ernie Nuttell because I know he was in a band with Terry Coop and Chris Marshall, also his wife is called Vonny.....maybe Ernie will come back and verify it was him. ha ha.

  5. I'll ask Tez. He's my uncle.