Thursday, 20 January 2011


In December 1922 Olive Chester, a 25 year old single girl of 2, Black Tile Yard, Rosegarth Street Boston and Henry Yates, a 22 year old farm labourer from Gypsy Bridge were charged with indecent conduct on the Witham Bank (below) they both pleaded guilty.
The Chief Constable (Mr. Johnson) said the female prisoner had been repeatedly warned. The girls Mother said the Salvation Army Officer had offered to get her into a home and that the girl was weak minded.
The girl was sent to prison for a month with hard labour (the Chairman stating that she had declined to go into a home) and Yates was fined 20 shillings, or 14 days.

Witham Bank, Boston.


  1. Olives nephew Bill had a 'china' stall on Boston Market for many years...where he would hold a whole dinner service on one arm and juggle with cups and saucers....he was my uncle. Also, from what I can discover...Black Tile La was where the Police Station Cells now are....apt.....but this wasnt justice and the police still pursue stupid cases like this...

  2. Thanks for your comment, I can't understand why the bloke got off relatively free!! I wish I had a time machine and could bring the Police and Magistrates of that time to a Saturday night in Boston in 2011, I'd show them what indecent conduct was!!
    The only Chester's I remember owned a shop in Laughton Road in the 1950's, he let the local working class families have a slate. He drove an Austin Mayflower car, funny the things that stay in your memory!!