Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Trains in Boston

Some old Boston railway pics.

A train in Boston Goods Yard, the man crouching on top of the engine near the funnel is Arthur Elston, his Grandaughter Ann kindly sent this picture to me. The wagon in front of the engine has Boston Deep Sea Fishing Company written on it.

The Railway Mission Hall stood in Fydell Crescent, it was demolished and Marriott's Motors built an extension to their garage on the site.This stone was saved and Marriott's had it built into their reception area.

An early picture of an engine heading toward the Grand Sluice.

An engine near the footbridge in Boston Station.

A passenger train in Boston Station.

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  1. Memories! As a child I used to stand on the footbridge trainspotting, waiting for my father to return from work in Peterborough. A long time ago now! VAC