Monday, 13 August 2012

Pineapple Club.

The Pineapple Club opened on Saturday December 16th. 1961, in premises at the rear of the Wimpy Bar in West Street Boston. Proprietors of the new club were LEB Foods Ltd. of Skegness, who ran Wimpy Bars in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Skegness in addition to their Boston Bar. A spokesman for the firm said that the club was modelled on the Beachcomber Bar in London's Mayfair Hotel and they had had a lot of applications for membership and would probably have to limit the number of acceptances.

Designed to give the appearence of a Polynesian setting, the bamboo walls were decorated with brightly coloured shields and weapons, but the most striking feature was a seven feet by six mural. There was also a "long ears" stone figure - this one in concrete - similar to the genuine article to be found on Easter Island. Concealed lights behind the cane ceiling were designed to give an open air impression and there was even a palm tree (concrete of course). Another feature of the club was Castaways Corner, which was fitted out with an old cannon, (which came from a ship's chandler in Grimsby) a sextant and ships lights and wheels. When they opened they only had a small dancing area on the ground floor but in the following year (1962) they were hoping to open a large dining room for about 120 people on the first floor which could also be used for dancing.


  1. Used to enjoy Saturday nights here back in the sixties

  2. Same here went out with one of the bar girls about 1969-70 ,sue bates her name

  3. Where I met the missus. Great venue, great memories.