Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Black Horse.

The Black Horse Inn stood next door to the old Boston Guardian Newspaper Office (where the Pizza Hut building now is) in West Street, and although the old pub has long since gone there were reminders even in 1950 of its existence as one old employee of the Guardian recalled.
The Black Horse site, with the old Guardian offices to the left, demolished in the early 2000's.

"I had several reminders that the old inn had existed when I joined the staff of the Boston Guardian. My own particular little sanctum had a kind of alcove, with an almost straight pitched roof of glass, and should one's eyes turn to the skies for inspiration one was greeted by the vision of a cut glass or frosted window which indicated that this was the "bottle and jug department." There were one or two glass panelled doors about the place also, which had reminders in them that here one could obtain various types of liquid refreshment, which, needless to say, never materialised.
At first the presence of such quaint oddments in the construction of the building was something of a mystery, but it was cleared when I was informed that at one time the Black Horse existed next door and that the premises were owned by the same person. Evidently my little glass roof and alcove, which had been an afterthought to provide greater accommodation, was provided by materials on the job and some came from the then defunct pub."
Below: The site of The Black Horse after the demolition.

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