Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tinned food in Boston

I was e-mailed this old picture of workers at Beaulahs by Shirley Coope, wife of my friend Terry Coope and she says, "Tez's aunt Ruby Jackson (nee Betts) is on the front row 5th from the left i think she was about 16 years old, she's 83 now so would be about 1945."

Thanks Shirley, you got me looking for some other stuff on the canning factories and I have set down below the things I have collected.

This was Beaulahs Tawney Street factory.............

.........and their Bargate End factory.

Some more ladies, of a different time period, sorting peas at Beaulahs.

A Beaulahs advertisement.

Beaulahs cards given away with their products.

This photo doesn't specify which factory, it just says, "Girls at a canning factory in Boston, Lincolnshire, making 'Blitz Soup'", blitz soup was distributed to all bombed areas; the pictures in front of them are of RAF aces so was obviously taken during world war two.

Another canning factory was Lin-Can which was down London Road, where Somerfields supermarket is now.

And the building next door to Lin-can with the dome was yet another canners Willer and Riley's.
The two pictures below show the building being demolished to make way for Somerfields.



  1. My husband just informed me that his Auntie Bet used to work at Beulah's and that his mum was quite good friends with Ruby Jackson who was mentioned at the beginning of this post. He says he was at Ruby's house many many times as a young lad. His mum also worked at Lin-Can when he was a small boy.

    Hope Griffin

  2. I would just like to take the time to thank you all for posting items of history on here. I am originally from Cambridgeshire and dare I say 40 years of age but there is something that has drawn me to the history of Boston. I have lived here now for 10 years and love the fact that you can research the history of the town and it takes me great pleasure in thanking you for posting this on the internet. I live on Queens Street and if anybody has any information on how the street was I would be very grateful to hear from you please email me at

  3. My grandfather was Gerald Beaulah, his wife my grandmother died only 2 years ago. She was the last Beaulah to own the canning factory..

  4. Is this site still active? I have a question about Beaulah's which I hope someone can answer for me.